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Improving Your Remote Control Airplanes

Improving Your Remote Control Airplanes

Recreational flying is a great hobby that usually stems from a love of flying as a child. If you grew up chasing model airplanes around the neighborhood, it is likely that you still enjoying flying to this day. Now, you have the ability to pass that love of flying down to your own children. It may be difficult at first to get them interested, as modern children tend to have a shorter attention span than they used to. They will enjoy playing with remote controlled airplanes with you, however the key is to figure out how to keep their attention.

Add Lights to the RC Airplane

A regular airplane flying around the sky is cool…but what if it had lights so your children could see it fly in the dark? This will make them more eager to go out after dinner and fly their planes. LEDs are a good way to add light to your planes. LEDs can be very small, and have the ability to produce a huge amount of light. The top brands of LEDS have been compared and rated online, so it is simple for you to do a bit of research.

Increase the Battery Life of the Airplane

Children are more likely to enjoy flying if they do not need to go inside and change the battery every few minutes. When you first buy your airplane, the battery may not have a very long life. You can fix this by removing any extra parts on the plane that are adding more weight to it. This extra weight is slowing the plane down, and draining its battery. This means that any decorative parts that do not serve a valid purpose can be removed. Another thing you could do is source out a stronger battery that is compatible with your plane.

Join Your Child When They Play with the Plane

There is nothing that children like more than spending time with their parents. Often it is the case that parents are too tired after work to play with their children. It is important that you find the extra time to go outside with them and fly the airplane around. Your children will remember this as they grow up. Their love of flying will come from their first memories; playing with a remote controlled airplane with their parents, and having a blast.


Although you may not have played with a remote controlled airplane for many years now, it may be time to start the tradition up again and pass it down to your children. They may enjoy the thrill of flight just as much as you do. By adding lights, improving the battery life and playing with your child, they will have a better chance of enjoying themselves. Then when they grow up, they might decide to continue their passion of recreational flying. Do not push too hard however, as children cannot be forced to do activities that they have no interest in.

What to Bring Flying with You

What to Bring Flying with You

Recreational flying is a slightly uncommon hobby that is enjoyed all around the world. Simply being able to get in your plane and take off wherever you want to go…that is a great feeling. You get the chance to travel to different places, and stay there for a while before moving on. When you are traveling, there are a few key items that you should always remember to bring with you. They might not be the first things that you would think about, but they will definitely come in handy!

Mattress Topper

If you are travelling far away to a place that you have never been before, it is likely that you might want to stay the night. Usually, you would check into a hotel until the next morning. However, hotels sometimes do not have the greatest quality mattresses available. If you are not sleeping comfortably, you will not be well-rested the next day. This could even impact your ability to fly back home. Solve this problem by bringing a mattress topper along with you. You can easily pack it up and carry it in your bag. Mattress toppers can be placed on top of the bed, and will give you more comfort. Personally, the last time I travelled I looked at some topper review sites, and they helped me with choosing a mattress topper.

Travel Documents

You do not want to land in an unfamiliar area and be without identification or cash. You might get questioned, and be asked to explain how you ended up where you did. If you do not have any proof of identity, you could wind up in serious trouble. Having cash on hand is useful just in case you run into an unforeseen circumstance. For instance, if you run out of fuel and need to make an emergency landing.

Cell Phone and Charger

Recreational flyers sometimes plan to be out for only a couple hours. If they get caught up in the moment, they might wind up a lot further away than they originally planned. If this is the case, they might need to spend the night away from home. Having your cell phone and charger with you is crucial so that you can stay in touch with everyone. You can let your family know where you are and when you expect to be back home.


Recreational flying is a hobby that involves a little bit more thinking ahead than others do. You will need to plan on how much fuel you will be using, where you might stay for the night, and how to get there. It may turn out that your plans do not even turn out as expected. Being prepared as much as possible will be a big help, because then you will not need to stress yourself. Having a mattress topper, travel documents and cell phone equipment with you is a good first step. Being prepared ahead of time will pay off!

Flying on a Plane with Back Pain

Flying on a Plane with Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that can vary from mild to incredibly severe. The causes of back pain usually cannot be traced to one specific thing; it can be caused by multiple factors. People with chronic back pain often cannot do the things that they are accustomed to doing. One of these activities includes flying on a plane. Being on a plane can involve sitting in the same position for hours at a time, which can worsen back pain. However, there are methods of alleviating your back pain so that you can enjoy flying on a plane once more.

Contact the Airline Prior to Your Flight

Man Talking on The Phone

If you let the airline know that you may need some extra accommodations, they may be able to help you. If you need help carrying your luggage or moving around the airport terminal, they can arrange for personnel to be on hand for you. As well, they may be able to let you move around and stretch during the flight. More blankets and cushions can also be provided to you if you need them.

Pack Over-the-Counter Medication

Pack of Medicine

Medication such as Tylenol and Advil can be a good way to handle pain during a flight. Try to take it about an hour before you board the plane, so that it has enough time to get into your system. Depending on how long your flight is, this may be enough for you to make it through the flight comfortably. You can carry your medication with you in a clear bag, so that you can take it on the flight. Make sure to inform the airline that you will be carrying it with you. They can monitor you and make sure that you are doing alright during the flight.

Have Back Support

One thing that is important during your flight is having enough support. Perfect Postur is a website that has some good ideas for various back supports. For instance, neck pillows and back braces are items that should be brought with you for the flight. If you just require extra pillows, the flight attendants should be able to accommodate you. Having these supports with you will prevent slouching and poor posture from developing. This will ensure that your back pain does not worsen during your flight. Make sure that they are in the correct position so that they can give you the optimal benefit.


Just because you have back pain does not mean you cannot fly on airplanes anymore. There are ways of getting around the pain and allowing you to reach your desired destination. By contacting the airline, packing pain medication and having the proper back supports, you should be able to make it through your flight without having to worry. Longer flights might become more problematic, but you can work with the airline to make it as comfortable for you as possible.

The Dangers of Flying While Tired

The Dangers of Flying While Tired

Recreational flying is an interesting choice of hobby. It is certainly quite unique, and does not appeal to everybody. For those of us who would rather be soaring high in the clouds, however, there are a few important things to remember. One of the most crucial tips is that you should never fly when you are feeling tired. This can result in catastrophic accidents. To help you stay awake while you are in the air, this article will be going over some tips on making sure that you get a good night’s rest.

Set a Routine for Sleep

Your body has a natural sleep-wake cycle. It wants to go to sleep when the sun goes down, and wake up when the sun rises. Due to an increased use in electricity and technology, people are staying up later and later. This can damage your body’s cycle. Set a time for yourself and try to go to bed every night at the same time. Your internal clock will be reset, and you will likely wake up at the same time each morning. There is a reduced chance of restless sleep, and you will not toss and turn as much.


Being sluggish can negatively affect your energy levels. Exercise is good because it will reduce the effects of insomnia. If you exercise rigorously, you will feel more tired. This will result in a deeper and sounder sleep at night. Even if you only perform light to moderate exercises during the day, your sleep patterns will improve. Starting and initially sticking with the habit is the most difficult step in this process. After you get used to it, your body will adapt to the exercise, and you will feel more rested.

Invest in Your Mattress

Mattress Covered With A Mattress Protector

Having a good mattress is key if you want a good night’s sleep. Some people ignore the importance of good mattresses because they are concerned about the cost. This is a valid concern, but getting proper sleep really is invaluable in the long run. If you are worried, you could purchase a good quality product, and then take steps to protect your mattress. For instance, mattress protectors have the purpose of keeping your bed looking fresh and clean. Mattress protectors can be used against spills, stains, and allergens that may be hiding in the bed. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a good place to sleep.


Keeping yourself awake and alert is crucial if you enjoy activities that have higher risk. Recreational flying is one of these activities. It is not difficult to take precautions against this; all it takes is a key lifestyle tweaks. Setting a nighttime routine, exercising, and purchasing a good quality mattresses are a few of the many ways that you can maintain your energy levels. You can then spend that extra energy focusing on handling your aircraft safely and efficiently. Remember to always be on the safe side when it comes to flying!

How to Pass Your Flight Test the First Time

How to Pass Your Flight Test the First Time

Aircraft Ready To Fly

You have put in hours of practice, and the big day has finally arrived. Depending on the result of your flight test, you may be able to enjoy the privilege only a handful of modern-day people have been able to experience.In fact, even fewer people today are making the decision to become licensed. You’re likely very nervous and just ready to get the test over with, and those nerves can prove to work against you as you start making minor errors.

Whether your test is coming up in a few weeks or is just days away, only you can take the steps necessary to ensure you’re fully prepared. As you get ready to receive your recreational flying license, there are a few tips that can help ensure you pass your test the first time around.

Keep All Documents and Study Materials Safe

Canon Gun SafeA substantial portion of your flying exam is assurance that you have the proper documentation to fly, and this can get confusing when you don’t have the right filing system. Furthermore, you have other paperwork to keep track of such as study materials and more.

It’s important to have a system that can help you properly organize all of the paperwork involved with getting your license. Just a few ideas to help you achieve this include:

  • Purchase a binder with dividers to keep study material organized and make it easy to access information you need.
  • Make copies of all important documents.
  • Keep originals of important documents secured. A great way to do this is to consider buying a safe. You can make the most of the investment when you. Not only can you keep documents stored, but also other important items such as valuable firearms. You can read helpful gun safe reviews to get a good idea of just how many uses these products have to offer.

Review the Flight Test Form Carefully

Man Reading

During your test, there are key components that your instructor will be looking for. The good news is that these areas of skill are not a mystery. You can review the flight test form prior to taking your test. Unlike tests you took in school in which you had to study mounds of material only to come across questions regarding material you overlooked, you have the ability to know exactly what to expect during your flight test.

Don’t Fear Your Instructor

No FearYou likely see your instructor as an intimidating individual just waiting for you to make a mistake. However, they are human beings just like you and me. In fact, the two of you have more in common than you’re likely taking into consideration. For starters, you both have a passion for taking to the skies and leaving your cares on the ground below. Furthermore, they were once in the testing seat, so they know just how nervous you may be feeling.

While you should avoid trying to make meaningless chit-chat during the course of the test, don’t let your instructor’s presence cause undue stress. Instead, view them as a valuable resource and show them just how much you’ve learned through your dedicated study and practice.

Don’t Forget That Nobody Is Perfect

No Body Is PerfectNobody is perfect, and we are all prone to making mistakes. Just think of how much you’ve learned about the rules of the road since you first got your driver’s license. Your instructor will understand if you make a few minor mistakes, and you’re not the first to do so. Therefore, make sure you don’t let these mishaps get you flustered. Just let them go and continue focusing on the remainder of your flight.

Freedom to Soar the Skies

There’s nothing that compares to the freedom you feel when you’re behind the controls of your own recreational aircraft. Below on the ground, you can see everyone limited to their terrestrial lives as you enjoy the fact that the sky is literally the limit. While there are dangers of recreational flying, the licensing testing is designed to help you understand these risks as well as the measures that need to be taken to avoid them. That’s why it’s so important that you do everything necessary to completely understand the rules of flying before taking the controls. When you take these measures, you can do just that as well as increase your chances of passing your test the first time around.

Improving Visibility During Night Driving

Improving Visibility During Night Driving

Most of us are aware of the fact that there are numerous dangers on the road, and we take precautions such as wearing our seatbelts and ensuring we have proper insurance coverage. However, what we often don’t take the time to consider is how the road transforms at different periods of the day.

According to Forbes, night driving is particularly risky. Not only do nighttime accidents account for 49 percent of fatal accidents, but there is also a 36 percent increase in the risk of getting into a fatal accident involving an impaired driver after the sun sets. When you can clearly see both inside and outside the car and other drivers can clearly see you, you can decrease your risk and drive more safely.

LED Light Bar

led-editedLED light technology is expanding, and there’s a lot it has to offer when it comes to safely driving at night. This is because of its versatility. There are a number of types of LED lights you can take advantage of, and just a few include:

  • Curved and straight bars to meet your needs
  • Work lights
  • Accessory lights

Not only can improve your visibility with an LED light bar, but you can even find these products useful in everyday life. For example, if you need to perform some type of evening outdoor activity, you’ll have access to easy bright light.

Headlight Etiquette

led-light-vehicle-1It’s crucial that you have working headlights, but it can be difficult to know when something’s wrong with yours until you pull up at a gas station and notice a bulb out in your reflection in the window. Not only can this get you pulled over and stuck with a ticket, but it can decrease your visibility on the road. Make sure you take the time to regularly check your headlights. Furthermore, make sure you’re practicing proper headlight etiquette. We’ve all had that moment when an approaching car fails to use their low beams. It can be very difficult to see. To ensure you’re not being “that guy” and to better reduce the risk of nighttime accidents, you should:

  • Dim your lights within at least 500 feet of approaching traffic
  • Dim your lights when you’re 200 to 300 feet behind a vehicle
  • Don’t flash other drivers who have forgotten to dim as this only increases the chances of an accident. Instead, slow down or even pull over if necessary.

Knowing is Key

white-male-1765681_640Visibility is a crucial factor when it comes to safety on the road, and these tips can help you increase yours as well as draw more attention to your vehicle as it makes its way down the highway. However, there are many other factors that should be considered in order to maximize safety for every ride. There were 32,479 fatal crashes alone. While this number is still too high, there is a glimmer of hope in that these numbers are down. This is largely due to an increase in driver awareness. Knowing is key, and, when you follow these life-saving tips and keep yourself aware of the many others available, you can decrease your chances of becoming yet another unfortunate statistic.

Flight Technology in Everyday Products

Flight Technology in Everyday Products

flight technology

When we think of flight technology, we often limit our imagination to highly-technical equipment found on airplanes and spacecraft that the common person would never come into direct contact with. However, you may be surprised at the many ways in which innovation in aeronautics can increase your quality of life. In fact, there may be items in your home that were developed with use in the sky in mind.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil wrote a book in 2005 entitled The Singularity is Near, and in it is The Economist’s chart where readers can see for themselves just how quickly technology is catching on. We live in an exciting day and age, and the brilliant minds behind the scenes of flight technology may already be impacting your life directly much more than you realize.

1. Memory Foam Technology

You have likely heard of memory foam mattresses, and thousands around the world have been lured into the purchase of these products. Just a few of the benefits these products offer include:

  • Pain relief
  • Increase in overall relaxation
  • Movement absorption to help those with bedmates increase sleep quality
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ability to maintain a steady temperature through the course of the night

What you may not realize is that the original memory foam technology was developed by NASA in the 1970’s to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for both airline pilots and passengers. Also known as temper foam, this innovation grew quickly when further applications were discovered. To discover other sleep technology for yourself to put to good use for a good night’s rest, Sleep Buffs offers a number of helpful reviews for you to take advantage of before making a final decision.

2. Cordless Power Tools


From fixing the front door to replacing roofing materials and more, you likely rely heavily on your cordless power tools. What you probably didn’t realize about these versatile tools is that the technology to enable their use was developed by NASA in the 1950’s according to NASA 360. Black and Decker, a popular brand you likely recognized, had already been exploring the concept of cordless technology, and the aeronautic giant joined forces with them to come up with a working prototype.

The process was a cumbersome one, but they were eventually able to achieve the production of the cordless hammer drill that was used to extract rock samples taken from the moon for analysis. Of course, this accomplishment spurred further innovation, and the introduction of other helpful cordless tools soon followed including:

  • Drill
  • Shrub trimmer
  • Cordless vacuum

3. Non-Nuisance Smoke Detectors


One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is a house fire. While your insurance can help you pay for some of the costs, they can’t replace the valuable things contained within the walls of your home that can burn up in a matter of seconds. That’s why responsible homeowners and renters alike have functioning smoke detectors installed in order to get the advanced warning necessary.

If you take advantage of the added technology present in modern smoke detectors that prevent false alarms that can cause you to overlook a real threat, you once again have NASA to thank for this protection. They introduced this advancement on Skylab, America’s first space station. Here, it was responsible for keeping crew members safe without causing unnecessary interruptions to their valuable work.

An Exciting Time to Be Alive

It’s truly an exciting time to be alive. According to Moore’s Law, technology doubles once every two years. While this progression was slow many years ago, we are at a point where this increase supplies us with exponential new knowledge as the years go by. It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities of the future as we unlock more secrets to further increase our capabilities. Flight technology is all around you. By understanding the many ways it can help improve the quality of your life, you can better appreciate these innovations as they are much closer to home than you likely ever realized.

Survival Tips to Follow When the Going Gets Rough

Survival Tips to Follow When the Going Gets Rough

aircraftAs a recreational flying enthusiasts, you understand the feeling of freedom that comes with soaring the open skies without a care in the world. However invigorating this may be, it’s important that you don’t forget the possibility that something could go wrong. When it does, you can quickly find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Worse than breaking down on the side of the road where you’re more likely to run across someone eventually, flying can take you to some or the most remote places in the country where there’s nobody available for miles.

So many things can and do go wrong. According to the Australian Bureau of Air Safety Investigation, improper flight planning was the cause of 38 percent of recreational flight accidents between 1990 and 2000. Other factors that were strong contributors include:

  • Aircraft handling errors
  • Fuel exhaustion or starvation
  • Mechanical or electrical failure

While the chances of getting into such an accident are relatively low, this doesn’t mean it will never happen to you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and there are some survival tips you should follow to give yourself a fighting chance when the going gets rough.

1. Surviving the Crash

plane-crashBefore you worry about facing the wild, you first must survive the crash. While many would think it’s the crash itself that claims most lives, the truth is that more people perish by not getting out the plane once it’s on the ground quickly enough. Protect yourself from smoke, and get out of the plane as quickly as possible, preferably within 90 seconds. As a flyer, you should also be taking steps to stay fit as, according to the FAA, those who are fit and slender have a better chance of survival.

You should make yourself prepared with a toolkit. Within it, you should include a first aid kit as well as tools such as a machete to help remove yourself from the wreckage and a number of other tasks you’ll encounter. You can find reviews to find the best knives for you.

2. Establish Shelter

tent-1208201_640If you have lost communication, you must face the fact that you may likely be facing an extended period of time outdoors, and it’s important that you prepare proper shelter. This is especially true if you’re stranded in an area that’s known to get very cold in the evening. On the other hand, if the temperatures are high, you should seek out shelter underground and travel, if necessary, during the evening hours.

3. Wild Animal Encounters

black-bear-1170229_640When forced to face the great outdoors, you’re likely to come into contact with wild animals. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re a visitor in their territory, and there are a few tips you should follow to best ensure you’re able to work together in the same environment with minimal risks including:

  • Never feed wild animals.
  • Bring along preventive tools such as bug repellent and bear spray. It’s a good idea to keep a toolkit of this sort stored in your recreational aircraft at all times.
  • Keep a fire lit during the overnight hours both for warmth and to keep wild animals at bay.

Life is full of challenges, and the manner in which you react can make you a stronger person. Whether you’ve been in a plane accident before or are just interested in giving yourself the best chances of survival in the event it ever does happen to you, following these tips can increase your chances of making it through such an extraordinary obstacle.

Appreciating the Security Personnel at our Recreational Flying site

I have been engaging in this hobby for quite some time now, and it amazes me that it was only until recently that I was able to acknowledge and appreciate the presence of the security people in the site where I like to take my flying sessions.

It occurred when it was my turn to fly one of their planes.

A random guy suddenly shouted “bomb!” and started running frantically towards the exit. Seeing the scenario brought panic in me, but instead of moving like the rest, I was stuck, dumbfounded, unable to move. I stood there like a solid rock, eyes wide and unconsciously sweating profusely.

Thankfully, someone pulled me out from where I was rigidly standing, and took me to the safe place where everyone else was. We were held in the room for almost an hour before a security personnel came to us and explained that it was all just a bomb scare.

The guy that went frantic mistook a bag for a bomb and his cry started the panic scare that caused the commotion. The guy was very embarrassed by the commotion he caused and has repeatedly apologized to the people.

I on the other hand, was just glad that everyone was safe, and of course, that I was still alive. If the bomb threat was true, I could have been one of the first things to have exploded. Thankfully, the security personnel rescued me. I went to him and thanked him profusely for saving me. He told me that it was not a big deal because it was part of his job to do it.

Since the incident, I have always taken notice of the great security facility that the recreational site had. I indeed felt secured and beyond the dangers of flying an airplane, I felt safe whenever I enter their vicinity.

As a sign of my gratitude, I decided to give all the security personnel of the site a special gift. At first I did not know what to give but then after a few searches on the Internet, I came across SP-USA and read some of the most wonderful reviews on some security apparels.

I immediately contacted Security and Patrol Gears and decided to order from them. It was such a relief that their service was very efficient.

The next time I went for my session, I gave my gifts to them. It was heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces. Beyond the material gift, it was knowing that their job is being appreciated.

Wild Boar Hunting In A Chopper

Wild Boar Hunting In A Chopper

helocasting-906196_640Wow, wild boar hunting in a chopper sounds really exciting and kind of dangerous all at the same time, wouldn’t you agree? As we all probably know, the average Joe can’t just hop in a any chopper they want and go hunting for wild boars. So what is it that they need to do in order to get clearance for this? Well, I am going to explain that to you right now.

Why Hunt Out Of A Helicopter?

In certain parts of the world, wild hogs have become a nuisance, especially in Texas. They are spawning at an alarming rate and it is up to the landowners and anyone who wants to be part of the effort, to try and eliminate some of the threat. So, this is where the helicopter comes in. When you are up in a helicopter, you have a better view of all of these hogs and can get a better shot from up in the air.

How Does It Work?


Usually, a season goes from mid-January through mid-March for wild boars. As with any service like this, there is an age limit and weight limit for the chopper, specifically for a service called Heli-Hunter:

  • Age limit: 16-years and older. Shooters under 18-years old must be accompanied by a member of the staff.
  • Weight Limit: 300-pounds per seat or 475-pound combination limit for both shooters. If a person is over the 300-lb weight limit, they may be asked to ride solo.
  • Hunting license is required: You must have a valid Texas hunting license. Out of state hunters can get a five day temporary permit.


The flight usually lasts around 2-hours and a kill range is between 15-25 hogs. This depends on what the environment is like, what time it is, the weather, wildlife movement and pure luck. The best part, ammo is provided and it is unlimited.

What About The Guns?

Most of the time, these companies that offer helicopter boar hunting will provide you with a gun to use. If you choose to bring an approved gun of your own instead of using their recommended Tac-12 A1 tactical shotgun by Firebird Precision, it might not be a bad idea to invest in a red dot sight attachment.

A red dot sight will give you a clear shot of the target by highlighting with a red dot, or a different pattern if preferred. Is you are going to be up in a helicopter, it is best to use the traditional red dot. It is smaller and won’t block the view of the target like a cross or bullseye pattern would. If this is something you are interested in, it would be best to do a search for the best affordable red dot sight. If you are doing it just one time, you probably want something on the cheaper side. If you are going to make a bobby out of it, there is no harm in investing in a more expensive one.

Are You Ready?

As I said earlier, hunting out of a helicopter isn’t really a worldwide thing and most places are in Texas that offer this service. It is definitely something that you should put on your bucket list and save up for since each ride costs between $5000-$15,000. There are also other services that you can purchase to make your experience more memorable.