Wild Boar Hunting In A Chopper

Wild Boar Hunting In A Chopper

helocasting-906196_640Wow, wild boar hunting in a chopper sounds really exciting and kind of dangerous all at the same time, wouldn’t you agree? As we all probably know, the average Joe can’t just hop in a any chopper they want and go hunting for wild boars. So what is it that they need to do in order to get clearance for this? Well, I am going to explain that to you right now.

Why Hunt Out Of A Helicopter?

In certain parts of the world, wild hogs have become a nuisance, especially in Texas. They are spawning at an alarming rate and it is up to the landowners and anyone who wants to be part of the effort, to try and eliminate some of the threat. So, this is where the helicopter comes in. When you are up in a helicopter, you have a better view of all of these hogs and can get a better shot from up in the air.

How Does It Work?


Usually, a season goes from mid-January through mid-March for wild boars. As with any service like this, there is an age limit and weight limit for the chopper, specifically for a service called Heli-Hunter:

  • Age limit: 16-years and older. Shooters under 18-years old must be accompanied by a member of the staff.
  • Weight Limit: 300-pounds per seat or 475-pound combination limit for both shooters. If a person is over the 300-lb weight limit, they may be asked to ride solo.
  • Hunting license is required: You must have a valid Texas hunting license. Out of state hunters can get a five day temporary permit.


The flight usually lasts around 2-hours and a kill range is between 15-25 hogs. This depends on what the environment is like, what time it is, the weather, wildlife movement and pure luck. The best part, ammo is provided and it is unlimited.

What About The Guns?

Most of the time, these companies that offer helicopter boar hunting will provide you with a gun to use. If you choose to bring an approved gun of your own instead of using their recommended Tac-12 A1 tactical shotgun by Firebird Precision, it might not be a bad idea to invest in a red dot sight attachment.

A red dot sight will give you a clear shot of the target by highlighting with a red dot, or a different pattern if preferred. Is you are going to be up in a helicopter, it is best to use the traditional red dot. It is smaller and won’t block the view of the target like a cross or bullseye pattern would. If this is something you are interested in, it would be best to do a search for the best affordable red dot sight. If you are doing it just one time, you probably want something on the cheaper side. If you are going to make a bobby out of it, there is no harm in investing in a more expensive one.

Are You Ready?

As I said earlier, hunting out of a helicopter isn’t really a worldwide thing and most places are in Texas that offer this service. It is definitely something that you should put on your bucket list and save up for since each ride costs between $5000-$15,000. There are also other services that you can purchase to make your experience more memorable.

A Close Look at Air-Powered Toy Planes


Toy planes are amazing. They let young children or even adults indulge in their love for flying and aircraft without the millions of dollars required to buy their own real aircraft. When it comes to toy airplanes, there are generally two types of toys for aircraft-loving individuals to play with.

The first type of aircraft is electric powered, where the toy flies and propels itself with electric energy converted from the kinetic power produced by a dynamo inside the toy. The other one is the air-powered remote-controlled toy planes – while it uses a dynamo to produce power, the dynamo is used to power the pump that produces compressed air. As a side note – these are not your standard home air compressors, but smaller, custom made compressed air engines that have the perfect amount of ‘push’ for these toys.

The air produced by the compressor is blown out from the rear of the toy airplane to produce propulsion: in fact, this is very similar to how jet engines work.

Animated Engines

The type of engine commonly found in air powered toy planes, particularly the popular Air Hogs brand, is called an “animated engine.”

An animated engine is a carbon dioxide-powered, two-stroke piston engine. The first stroke pushes the piston upward, drawing in high pressure CO2 gas into the engine’s cylinder through a narrowed intake slot. The piston then pushes down due to the expansion of the high-pressure gas. As soon as the piston reaches the bottom of the cylinder and passes the exhaust port, the high pressure air is released and propels the toy plane forward.

The process is done at high speed, producing several bursts of air through the exhaust in a single second.

In some variants, the animated engine is powered by steam instead of CO2 gas.

Popular Brands

The most popular brand of air-powered RC aircraft is the Air Hogs line of toy aircraft. The first Air Hogs aircraft was the Sky Shark, which came out in 1998. Since then, Air Hogs has produced various remote controlled aircraft including helicopters, as well as remote-controlled cars and even mini hovercrafts, all of which are powered by small air compressors beneath the chassis of the toys.

Possible Issues?

There have been a few cases of problems with air-powered toy aircraft. However, the only such incident involving a high number of RC aircraft having problems at the same time occurred more than 14 years ago, when Spin Master, the brand behind the Air Hogs line, had to recall the Skyblazer and Firestomer planes.

The recall was the result of seven individual incidents in which Firestormer planes exploded in mid-air. These explosions were caused by faulty air intake chambers, which caused the toys to spontaneously combust. Because of the hazard presented by plastic pieces flying at high speed, Spin Master issued a recall for over 137,000 units.

However, the recall was only effective for Skyblazer and Firestormer toys produced between December 29, 2001 and March 24, 2002. No other recalls issued by Spin Master after the incident.

Air-powered toy planes are an innovate form of toy aircraft. They produce more power and propulsion than ordinary electric-powered RC aircraft, ensuring the enjoyment of children ages 5 to 8 years old and even adults who retain a love for RC aircraft even in adulthood.

Show Yourself Some Love Through Recreational Flying

I have said it a million times and I will say it again – Recreational Flying is one of my favorite hobbies. You might think that it is a costly hobby. Yes, it is, and not to sound arrogant or anything, but I really do not mind the price of this hobby; not because I can afford it, but because it just help me a lot in dealing with life and brings a lot of good vibes into my personality and my overall outlook.

Whenever I fly, my focus and concentration skills are improved. It enhances my mental acuity and at the same time enhances my multitasking ability. Flying, for me, is a stress reliever. Every time I am facing tough times, I just spend a few minutes flying and it seems as though my worries and troubles are all gone. My mind becomes more relaxed and rejuvenated.

You might find it ironic, but flying does actually help me maintain a healthy and fit body. I treat myself as a commercial pilot. So, I always take good care of my body, especially my grooming. I always make sure that I job every day. I am not a gym person. I prefer to jog around the neighborhood and sometimes exercise in the comfort of my own home. Because I am fit and healthy, I do not only look good, but I feel good too. I have a stable state of mind. I get to look at things in a positive perspective.

Recreational flying also gives me an adrenaline rush. Whenever I fly a plane, it excites me in an unexplained way. As I pull the aircraft up in the sky, I feel the rush. As I safely land, I feel a sense of accomplishment, that feeling that I was able to take on another challenge and survive it.

Lastly, flying is my passion. Ever since I was a kid I always dream of flying a plane. I know that I can’t be a commercial pilot because I cannot stand to be away from my family. I know for a fact that the life of commercial pilots is not easy. They have to endure the time away from their family just to send passengers to their desired destination. So, instead of becoming a commercial pilot, I decided to indulge in recreational flying. It enables me to follow my passion and at the same time gives me the freedom to spend my time to people that matter to me. Cost wise, recreational flying is an expensive hobby. I spent thousands for my hobby but considering the satisfaction it gives me, I don’t mind the price. I am extremely happy doing the things I love the most.

Promoting The Joy Of Recreational Flying

Flying offers a different kind of entertainment. And while not a lot of people are into it, I am sure there is a decent number of people who are like me, a man who loves recreational flying. My interest in recreational flying started when I was a kid. Whenever I saw helicopters and airplanes, I am imagining myself as the pilot. I imagine myself flying to wherever I want to. At some point, I wanted to become a professional pilot. In my mind, being a pilot is actually not a job but a form of leisure. Who would not want to be up in the sky? Only a few people are given the chance to soar the sky and pilots are the chosen ones.

However, as I grow up I realized that the life of the pilot is not that easy. A pilot spends most of his time away from his family. A professional pilot conquers the world but that comes with disadvantages too. He will spend most of his time away from his loved ones. He will not see his kids grow right before his very eyes. There are even times when he spends his holidays away from home. I don’t want to be away from my family, especially on special occasions. So, instead of being a professional pilot I decided to go with recreational flying.

What is recreational flying? Well, it is simply flying for enjoyment. You fly using a modern comfortable aircraft, in good weather condition, and unrestricted rule of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. If you are just like me who loves flying, but don’t want to take it on a professional level because of other priorities, then recreational flying is for you. There are different types of an aircraft, but the aircraft I used for flying is built in modern design standards. It burns less fuel and has significantly lower operating expenses as compared to a commercial aircraft.

Recreational Flying Training
Image Credit: scrfc.com

With recreational flying, the cost is less. But, just like when one applies to be a professional pilot, those who wish to engage in recreational flying will also need to take some schooling and training in order to have the proper knowledge and skill to safely fly an aircraft. There are a lot of training schools for recreational flying. It does cost you money, but you will surely get the best value for your hard earned money.

I started my aircraft training when I was 20 years old and fifteen years later, I still enjoy flying. I know I made the right decision fifteen years ago. I was skeptical back then because of the expensive cost of the training, but the enjoyment I get from recreational flying is priceless, and this fulfillment is what drives me now to promote this craft to more people. I really wish more people would engage in this recreational activity so that it blossoms and inspires those who brave it.

Recreational Flying For Couples

couples that do recreational flying have muliti family homes for sale
Image Credit: gftc.com.au

Almost everyone in our neighborhood in Oxford share the joys of spending time outdoors. I’ve got a friend down the block who has a habit of knocking at my door every Saturday early morning. Jeff had been doing this since we were still kids. He never runs out of any outdoor retreat ideas for the weekend.

Jeff was the one who taught me how to enjoy a lot of different things. When we were kids we would spend outside the fence of the airport field flying kites and watching all those huge planes come and go. Those weekend wanderings had sparked our passion in flying airplanes. We never made a career out of it but we had included it to our weekend experiences. It took us three months to attend to our aviation training to fly smaller plane. After we got our license, weekends were then spent flying and enjoying the scenic views and the beautiful sunset. For me, flying is an exhilarating and rewarding experience that’s quite addicting.

When Jeff and I got married and had kids, our weekly retreat in the sky became once a month activity or sometimes no flying happened in a month. We had to consider the financial aspects of paying the rent of flying a plane against household obligations. We recognized that married life has lots of things to sacrifice. But we never consider our married lives as  reasons to compromise our happiness. It’s not only in recreational flying that we get to fulfill our interests. We enjoy the simple things of being two families getting together to eat, drink and laugh outside our home.

I had created good memories with Jeff and his family in our neighborhood. But things in the neighborhood will never be the same again because Jeff and his wife had decided to leave the country for good. He told us about it just the other day and we were in a sort of denial at first. But when I saw on the newspaper ads that Jeff’s house was in there among the multi family homes for sale, I myself had to battle with an irrational separation anxiety.

The days after we knew about their decision for migration, all of us in our family have waded through some emotional feelings. But we understood that the world is big and full of possibilities that Jeff’s family should explore. I just thought of cherishing the time that we’re still together in the neighborhood. We can still spend the remaining entire weekends doing the things we used to do. We can still rent a plane to see more of the picturesque landscapes in the city, we can still do outdoor camping together as families or simply share a special meal at each other’s home.

We had made meaningful bonding with this family for many good years. And I realize creating meaningful connections with people is one of the most important things in life. The interaction, the sharing of the same hobbies and the time spent with them are what make us fully alive.


Thankful For Friends Who Love Flying And Doing Good Deeds

Appreciating Life For Having Great Friends

I am amazed by human nature’s tendency to develop a love affair with many things. In my life, I have friends who share the same interests with mine, which is recreational flying. However, I also have friends who are not as adventurous as I am. So these are the people who enjoy the safer side like playing golf and watching football. I also have friends on the contradictory side. They are passionate about the quite risky stuff. They are the types who enjoy scuba diving and recreational flying. I have a diverse circle of friends.

There is one good friend I’ve known since childhood. He has a passion for flying like me. I remember his room is filled with all sorts of airplane toys. During playtime, most of our pretend plays end up being a pilot and a passenger. At most times, it’s obvious I was his passenger. We would climb up trees and pretend to be up in the air. He is crazy about flying. I love to travel and see great places. That’s something we have in common.

His childhood affection with flying planes did not turn him into a professional pilot. He is a businessman who knows how to fly a glider plane. He enrolled in an aviation course, got a training and fly for the purpose of recreation. Sometimes I tease him for being weird and extremist. Our childhood pretend play became real. It’s a unique hobby he loves sharing with me. He would invite me to fly with him during a perfect weather. It’s always been a rare and worthwhile experience flying with him.

Not only are we bonded through recreation and fun, we share a thing for helping the community and initiating actions during bad times. We took it by heart to organize a group to help rebuild a neighborhood when it was devastated by a hurricane.

Of course, this organization would not have been  possible if not for the help of my friend’s cousin, Jon. Jon owns a website about water damage restoration so it was not hard to efficiently serve the community. He was a good man that wanted to help people through his website he called MyWebPal. How could he not help the simple organization that we decided to start, right?

Jon generously shared his resources for the clean-up of the churches, schools and homes of low-income families. He also made sure that relief items were given to these families and he gave talks and seminars about how people can prevent future water damage in their homes.

It was great to be friends with people with warm hearts. It is with these kinds of friends that people can truly grow. They provided me great experiences – from flying to volunteerism. I thought all we would come to find joy in are toy planes. Through many years, I have been inspired by each and everyone’s dedication and passion. I never thought I would earn friends with the ability of casting a ripple effect of change to my community and most especially, my life.

Wanted On Board: Emergency Plumber

How an Emergency Plumber Saved Our Flight

Aircraft Emergency Plumber Situation
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

Recreational flying is fun and it takes you to great heights in the city. However, this kind of aircraft flying has its limitations, like the fact that you only are allowed to fly certain areas and heights, and going over those limitations will result in a sanction.

even when I do have a license to fly an aircraft, I can only fly a recreational plane, and these kinds of planes do not take me to other places farther away. That is why, on occasions, I too, ride a commercial airbus.

If I may compare, one of the things I really like about recreational flying is that its a solitary activity. It’s quiet and it gives me the chance to see the world and reflect on my life. This, I cannot do in a commercial flight. While overall, it is still a quiet place to be in, the presence of other people just does not make it fun, at least for me.

Of course, this does not mean I do not take delight in flying commercially. There are still some perks to it, like having the chance to eat or drink, rest, lay down comfortably, while enjoying the hype of being in the air and “flying.”

Aircraft Emergency Plumber
Image Credit: contractormag.com

I have had my fair share of memorable moments while in a commercial aircraft. One incident that I could not forget was when the plane we were riding got into a situation that needed the presence of an emergency plumber.

Apparently, it was someone’s first time to fly, and when he felt the need to use the comfort rooms, he went ahead and thought it would be fun to poke around with the toilets and buttons. He got curious as to how the plumbing in the aircraft works, that suddenly, the toilet won’t stop draining water, like a vacuum has started somewhere down the connection of the pipes.

He panicked and called the attention of a flight attendant who at first was calm, but then also started getting worried because the water in the toilet was  pushing up then down, and if it does not stop, then it could start spilling over.

Luckily for all of us who did not want to suffer a bad case of toilet water overflow, a plumber was in the flight. He didn’t have his tools, but he went ahead and assessed what the problem could be. Of course, he was not able to totally fix the problem, but at least, he was able to stop the toilet water from spilling over and making a mess in the aircraft, which we all would have to suffer. He made a temporary fix to the problem and an announcement was made that the comfort rooms were out of order.

Everyone had to control their bladders for the remaining hours of the flight but no one complained. People were just thankful that the situation was resolved before it got worse. The airline gave the plumber some benefits for helping out on the issue, and he was more than happy to receive them.

To this day, when I remember the incident, I kept thinking how would have things went, if the plumber was not there to help with the problem? This was especially bothering to me, considering that I sat near the comfort rooms.


Why A Recreational Flyer Needs An Unlocked iPhone

Recreational flying is safer with an unlocked iPhone

Unlocked iPhone For Traveling People
Image Credit: www.cmitnova.com

Well, in general, whether you are a recreational flyer or just an avid traveler, an unlocked iPhone will always come in handy.

When your iPhone is unlocked, your use of the gadget is not restricted. You can use it anywhere you go, you can use it with any carrier you want or need, and you can have the freedom to use the iPhone as you please.

Obviously, I love to travel, and before, when I got my iPhone under contract, I was not able to use it every time I had to leave and go overseas. This makes communication a very difficult task, and at these time and age, when you are having problems with communication, then you must be living in an outdated world.

Communication is a very easy thing to achieve these days, so there should be no excuse as to why you cannot communicate with ease. If a locked iPhone hinders proper and free communication, then best contact a good iPhone unlock expert like the one I found in this site.

At first I was hesitant to have my iPhone unlocked. I got worried because of the many bad reviews that people post online, where they share their unfortunate experiences with having their iPhone gadgets unlocked. Some where scammed, some where lead to believe that their iPhone has been unlock, but then after a few days or during the next update, the iPhone becomes restricted to the original carrier once again.

After reading those negative reports, I thought that it would be safer to just buy another phone. But then after further analysis, I came to the conclusion that having two phones is also a bad idea. All my contacts, schedules and everything else I need are already in my iPhone. Switching phones would be too much of a hassle.

So I braved the Internet waters and searched and searched until I found the site that I previously mentioned. The site started of with a warning about what to expect when it comes to iPhone unlocking situations. He warns about things that can and cannot be done, that’s why the site gained my trust and confidence. Unlike other sites, who merely claims they can solve my iPhone unlocking needs, this site was straightforward and honest.

Also, it provided great and credible sites for iPhone unlocking services, with great reviews and high ratings. I researched a lot about the said sites and chose one that ranked the highest. It was with their recommendation that I was able to get my iPhone successfully unlocked.

Now, I have no worries whenever I travel to different countries because I can keep in touch with people constantly. I also saved myself from buying another phone, which would really have been a terrible and useless idea, and a waste of cash.

There are lots of travelling people who wish to own iPhone gadgets but cannot do so because of contract issues. Now you know you still can enjoy travelling and own an iPhone at the same time.

Flying With Young Children


Since my post on flying with pets I have been asked for some tips on flying with children, especially young babies. For those of us that regularly pass through airports, we know full well how difficult it is to not get stressed even when we are on our own. From long queues and delays, to bad food and security, there is every reason to not like being at an airport.

But this is significantly more stressful for families as you are in constant look out for your kids, everything takes longer and it really is not a child-friendly place. But there are some simple tips that you can follow to really reduce the level of stress and actually make it a quite pleasant experience. Some of these tips will not be free and prices charged will vary from airport to airport, but even if you just follow some of the free tips you will find the whole experience a lot easier.

First of all, try and book a flight time that is not too early or too late in the day. Because you need to be at the airport at least 2 or 3 hours before your flight, a take-off time of 7 AM means that you will be getting your family up in the middle of the night. This is not a good start to a vacation and it could take you a couple of days to recover.

Next, make sure you are at the check-in desk 3 hours before take-off. Ideally you will have been able to check in online the day before and you will have your boarding passes printed out. That way you will only need to drop off your bags once you get to the airport and you “only” need to tackle the security process.

The best thing to do here is also to be prepared with all your carry on stuff. The fewer bags you have the better, which can be difficult when you have diaper bags, change of clothes, coats, etc. The most important thing to plan for is the stroller which I have seen being a problem at so many airports.

Ideally you will have a small and compact umbrella stroller, which will be ideal for the entire travelling process. But in many cases that isn’t possible, especially if you have more than one child still using a stroller. Here it is important that you check the dimensions of your double stroller for infant and toddler and even contact the TSA before flying. Some double strollers will fit into the standard scanning equipment, but others will have to go through a separate machine. This can take extra time and is a bit of a hassle as you never quite know which queue to join.

Finally, pay the couple of dollars to get lounge access at the airport. It is a far more convenient way to keep an eye on your kids in a much quieter environment and many places have designated play areas for children to stay occupied.

I found this family travelling guide with a lot more detailed tips on travelling which includes a great checklist that will help you make sure everything is planned for.

An Encounter With An Anniston Estate Attorney

An Anniston Estate Attorney That Is Into Recreational Flying

Anniston Estate Attorney Paper Works
Image Credit: jacktapper.com

During one of my casual recreational flying sessions, I met an estate attorney. We got into a little chitchat about recreational flying and why we do it. I told her I just love the thrill that it gives me. That it makes me feel like I can do something more. She, on the other hand, does recreational flying because she wants to escape from the everyday stress and challenge of her chosen career. Not that she’s not happy, just that she needs to do something else, once in a while, to keep her sanity.

While we were in the topic, I asked her what an Anniston estate attorney like her does. She said that one of the things she mainly does is do Estate Plannings. Then she further explained what Estate planning is.

I learned that estate planning involves dealing with your property amid your lifetime and the safeguarding of its fitting disposition after your passing of wills, trusts, and a mixture of legitimate planning equipment.

They work with clients to outline customized estate plans that mirror their one of a kind circumstances. Clients share their trusts, dreams, qualities and objectives and attorneys listen and help them comprehend their choices. The consequence of such keen arranging is an estate arrangement that works. No estate is too little for watchful arranging.

When a client can no longer be there to watch over your friends and family, it is the attorney’s duty to guarantee that the individuals the client have decided to leave your wishes have the data, direction, and assets they require.

After hearing her explain what her job entails, I admired her for her strength. It is a difficult job to face people who are in situations that needed so much guarding of properties, not just because they are in the brink of leaving their loved ones, but also because finances usually brew family disputes that are also very difficult to face.

I asked her if she was working for that law firm named Wilentz (www.wilentz.com). She exclaimed a big NO and said she works for Sides, Oglesby, Held, Dick, Stephen & Clay LLC.

After our chitchat, we had our dose of our medicine-flying, and we parted ways.

This hobby really lets me experience a lot, including the experience of meeting new people with interesting lives.