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Sweet Escape to Venezuela

Image Credit: easyvectors.com
Image Credit: easyvectors.com

Aside from recreational flying, another thing I enjoy doing is to travel to different places around the globe. The feeling I get from flying and from travelling are the same.

I feel a sense of escape from all the worries and the fast-pace of life, that sometimes becomes too hard to take in. Whenever I fly or whenever I travel, I get to be so excited that all I could think of and appreciate is the present, making me forget the worries of the past and the anxiety for the future.

Living the moment is an important feeling to have, once in a while. That is why I engage in activities that will make me experience those, every now and then.

Venezuela is one of the many places in the world were tourist like to head out into

. The climate, the food, the people, the different colorful festivities and the beautiful beaches and sceneries, are enough reasons for tourist to include this place in their bucket list of places to go to.

Image Credit: yampu.com
Image Credit: yampu.com

This is the reason why I went to Venezuela just a couple of weeks ago. I had one of the best times of my life ever. The people were very warm and friendly and the beaches with bonfires and dancing just really made me feel happy and thankful that I got the chance to visit the place.

While I was there, I also had one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life, and I did not even had to spend too much money.

See, whenever I go to a place for a vacation, I always make sure that I spend on a budget. People think that living this kind of life is extravagant. Well, of course you will have to spend cash, but you can always do something about the amount of money you spend. There are a lot of ways to save up on your expenses whenever you decide to visit a new place.

Going for a vacation does not mean spending all the savings, you know. So I don’t dazzle myself with 5 star hotels and whatnot. I stay in places that are pretty and unique for each place I visit, and it should have reasonable rates. In Venezuela, I stayed in an Inn by the beach. I chose it because it had a very good view of the beach and the area, and it was near enough to go home to, just in case I’d end up having a drink too many.

Image Credit: fabiandimarco.com
Image Credit: fabiandimarco.com

This simple example is a reminder that when you travel, you can travel on a budget and still have the time of your life. This is also a reminder that no matter how much fun you plan to have, you have to have a plan of keeping yourself safe and away from danger. After all, you are still in a foreign land and it will be difficult to get caught up in any trouble. Not only will it ruin the fun you intend to have, but would also make you fear of ever travelling and being adventurous ever again.


Beginning Your Recreational Flying Journey

Image Credit: wired.com
Image Credit: wired.com

Recreational Aircraft or Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) as they are known in the US is a generally new class of aeronautics, which has as of late surged in fame because of its minimal effort and high enjoyment factor.

These planes are:

  • Small, easy to work, low execution air ship.
  • MTOW of 600kg or less
  • Powered by a Single cylinder motor
  • No more than two seats
  • Generally just permitted to be flown in uncontrolled airspace

By and large these air ships don’t have a sort certificate, however, are still required to be manufactured to a concurred standard.

An example of a light game air ship is the Australian constructed Jabiru J 170, which is a two seat, high wing flying machine with an 80hp Jabiru motor. The flying machine has a journey pace of approx. 100knots or 185 kms an hour and retails for more or less $70,000.

The start of your recreational flying experience begins with a Trial Instructional Flight. They are regularly close to 100 and they, for the most part, are a 30-moment flight with an educator where you encounter the controls for the first time.


The base prerequisites for picking up your permit are 15 hours of instructions from and expert and 5 hours of solo flight as an understudy pilot.

Yet, as with any other activity, the preparation time needed for you to be truly prepared to fly a recreational plane will depend on your skill level. This level will be assessed by an expert. Without their go signal, you cannot have your license and you cannot fly any aircraft, even the small recreational aircrafts.

There are hypothetical courses that can help you better understand the concept of actual flying. You can also take these courses apart from the actual flying lessons so that you can better grasp the idea of flying an aircraft.

Why Get into Recreational Flying?

  • It is fun. We have a ton of uncontrolled airspace that permit this activity, waiting to be explored by brave souls who muster enough courage and will to learn how to pilot a recreational plane.
  • Medical – you just need a driver’s permit to share In RA flying rather than an extraordinary medicinal cert for GA.
  • The expense of flying the airplane can be low since the flying machine to be used uses little fuel and there are a lot of available recreational planes you can choose from, if you dedicate enough time to search for them in your locality or through the internet.

Recreational flying is considered a sport by many. Though this will not make you an instant expert in flying, it does not entirely matter. The whole point in engaging in this activity is to experience and learn how to fly an aircraft, no matter how small. Choosing to be a professional in this field is a different thing and can be entirely up to you.