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Flying on a Plane with Back Pain - Point Niner

Flying on a Plane with Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that can vary from mild to incredibly severe. The causes of back pain usually cannot be traced to one specific thing; it can be caused by multiple factors. People with chronic back pain often cannot do the things that they are accustomed to doing. One of these activities includes flying on a plane. Being on a plane can involve sitting in the same position for hours at a time, which can worsen back pain. However, there are methods of alleviating your back pain so that you can enjoy flying on a plane once more.

Contact the Airline Prior to Your Flight

Man Talking on The Phone

If you let the airline know that you may need some extra accommodations, they may be able to help you. If you need help carrying your luggage or moving around the airport terminal, they can arrange for personnel to be on hand for you. As well, they may be able to let you move around and stretch during the flight. More blankets and cushions can also be provided to you if you need them.

Pack Over-the-Counter Medication

Pack of Medicine

Medication such as Tylenol and Advil can be a good way to handle pain during a flight. Try to take it about an hour before you board the plane, so that it has enough time to get into your system. Depending on how long your flight is, this may be enough for you to make it through the flight comfortably. You can carry your medication with you in a clear bag, so that you can take it on the flight. Make sure to inform the airline that you will be carrying it with you. They can monitor you and make sure that you are doing alright during the flight.

Have Back Support

One thing that is important during your flight is having enough support. Perfect Postur is a website that has some good ideas for various back supports. For instance, neck pillows and back braces are items that should be brought with you for the flight. If you just require extra pillows, the flight attendants should be able to accommodate you. Having these supports with you will prevent slouching and poor posture from developing. This will ensure that your back pain does not worsen during your flight. Make sure that they are in the correct position so that they can give you the optimal benefit.


Just because you have back pain does not mean you cannot fly on airplanes anymore. There are ways of getting around the pain and allowing you to reach your desired destination. By contacting the airline, packing pain medication and having the proper back supports, you should be able to make it through your flight without having to worry. Longer flights might become more problematic, but you can work with the airline to make it as comfortable for you as possible.