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Improving Your Remote Control Airplanes - Point Niner

Improving Your Remote Control Airplanes

Recreational flying is a great hobby that usually stems from a love of flying as a child. If you grew up chasing model airplanes around the neighborhood, it is likely that you still enjoying flying to this day. Now, you have the ability to pass that love of flying down to your own children. It may be difficult at first to get them interested, as modern children tend to have a shorter attention span than they used to. They will enjoy playing with remote controlled airplanes with you, however the key is to figure out how to keep their attention.

Add Lights to the RC Airplane

A regular airplane flying around the sky is cool…but what if it had lights so your children could see it fly in the dark? This will make them more eager to go out after dinner and fly their planes. LEDs are a good way to add light to your planes. LEDs can be very small, and have the ability to produce a huge amount of light. The top brands of LEDS have been compared and rated online, so it is simple for you to do a bit of research.

Increase the Battery Life of the Airplane

Children are more likely to enjoy flying if they do not need to go inside and change the battery every few minutes. When you first buy your airplane, the battery may not have a very long life. You can fix this by removing any extra parts on the plane that are adding more weight to it. This extra weight is slowing the plane down, and draining its battery. This means that any decorative parts that do not serve a valid purpose can be removed. Another thing you could do is source out a stronger battery that is compatible with your plane.

Join Your Child When They Play with the Plane

There is nothing that children like more than spending time with their parents. Often it is the case that parents are too tired after work to play with their children. It is important that you find the extra time to go outside with them and fly the airplane around. Your children will remember this as they grow up. Their love of flying will come from their first memories; playing with a remote controlled airplane with their parents, and having a blast.


Although you may not have played with a remote controlled airplane for many years now, it may be time to start the tradition up again and pass it down to your children. They may enjoy the thrill of flight just as much as you do. By adding lights, improving the battery life and playing with your child, they will have a better chance of enjoying themselves. Then when they grow up, they might decide to continue their passion of recreational flying. Do not push too hard however, as children cannot be forced to do activities that they have no interest in.