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Improving Visibility During Night Driving - Point Niner

Improving Visibility During Night Driving

Most of us are aware of the fact that there are numerous dangers on the road, and we take precautions such as wearing our seatbelts and ensuring we have proper insurance coverage. However, what we often don’t take the time to consider is how the road transforms at different periods of the day.

According to Forbes, night driving is particularly risky. Not only do nighttime accidents account for 49 percent of fatal accidents, but there is also a 36 percent increase in the risk of getting into a fatal accident involving an impaired driver after the sun sets. When you can clearly see both inside and outside the car and other drivers can clearly see you, you can decrease your risk and drive more safely.

LED Light Bar

led-editedLED light technology is expanding, and there’s a lot it has to offer when it comes to safely driving at night. This is because of its versatility. There are a number of types of LED lights you can take advantage of, and just a few include:

  • Curved and straight bars to meet your needs
  • Work lights
  • Accessory lights

Not only can improve your visibility with an LED light bar, but you can even find these products useful in everyday life. For example, if you need to perform some type of evening outdoor activity, you’ll have access to easy bright light.

Headlight Etiquette

led-light-vehicle-1It’s crucial that you have working headlights, but it can be difficult to know when something’s wrong with yours until you pull up at a gas station and notice a bulb out in your reflection in the window. Not only can this get you pulled over and stuck with a ticket, but it can decrease your visibility on the road. Make sure you take the time to regularly check your headlights. Furthermore, make sure you’re practicing proper headlight etiquette. We’ve all had that moment when an approaching car fails to use their low beams. It can be very difficult to see. To ensure you’re not being “that guy” and to better reduce the risk of nighttime accidents, you should:

  • Dim your lights within at least 500 feet of approaching traffic
  • Dim your lights when you’re 200 to 300 feet behind a vehicle
  • Don’t flash other drivers who have forgotten to dim as this only increases the chances of an accident. Instead, slow down or even pull over if necessary.

Knowing is Key

white-male-1765681_640Visibility is a crucial factor when it comes to safety on the road, and these tips can help you increase yours as well as draw more attention to your vehicle as it makes its way down the highway. However, there are many other factors that should be considered in order to maximize safety for every ride. There were 32,479 fatal crashes alone. While this number is still too high, there is a glimmer of hope in that these numbers are down. This is largely due to an increase in driver awareness. Knowing is key, and, when you follow these life-saving tips and keep yourself aware of the many others available, you can decrease your chances of becoming yet another unfortunate statistic.