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What to Bring Flying with You - Point Niner

What to Bring Flying with You

Recreational flying is a slightly uncommon hobby that is enjoyed all around the world. Simply being able to get in your plane and take off wherever you want to go…that is a great feeling. You get the chance to travel to different places, and stay there for a while before moving on. When you are traveling, there are a few key items that you should always remember to bring with you. They might not be the first things that you would think about, but they will definitely come in handy!

Mattress Topper

If you are travelling far away to a place that you have never been before, it is likely that you might want to stay the night. Usually, you would check into a hotel until the next morning. However, hotels sometimes do not have the greatest quality mattresses available. If you are not sleeping comfortably, you will not be well-rested the next day. This could even impact your ability to fly back home. Solve this problem by bringing a mattress topper along with you. You can easily pack it up and carry it in your bag. Mattress toppers can be placed on top of the bed, and will give you more comfort. Personally, the last time I travelled I looked at some topper review sites, and they helped me with choosing a mattress topper.

Travel Documents

You do not want to land in an unfamiliar area and be without identification or cash. You might get questioned, and be asked to explain how you ended up where you did. If you do not have any proof of identity, you could wind up in serious trouble. Having cash on hand is useful just in case you run into an unforeseen circumstance. For instance, if you run out of fuel and need to make an emergency landing.

Cell Phone and Charger

Recreational flyers sometimes plan to be out for only a couple hours. If they get caught up in the moment, they might wind up a lot further away than they originally planned. If this is the case, they might need to spend the night away from home. Having your cell phone and charger with you is crucial so that you can stay in touch with everyone. You can let your family know where you are and when you expect to be back home.


Recreational flying is a hobby that involves a little bit more thinking ahead than others do. You will need to plan on how much fuel you will be using, where you might stay for the night, and how to get there. It may turn out that your plans do not even turn out as expected. Being prepared as much as possible will be a big help, because then you will not need to stress yourself. Having a mattress topper, travel documents and cell phone equipment with you is a good first step. Being prepared ahead of time will pay off!